Simple open-source database monitoring

Get useful insights about your MySQL, PostgreSQL or MongoDB performance.
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database monitoring

Custom Dashboards, Reliable Alerts, and Smart Advisors

Our solution is based on PMM – Percona Monitoring and Management. It is a powerful open-source tool for database monitoring and troubleshooting. We brought it to the cloud.


Monitor your database performance with customizable dashboards and real-time alerting.


Spot critical performance issues faster, understand the root cause of incidents better, and troubleshoot them more efficiently.


Use Built-in Advisors to run regular checks of the databases connected to PMM. Get alerts of potential security threats, performance degradation, data loss, and data corruption.


Zoom-in, drill-down database performance from node to single query levels. Perform in-depth troubleshooting and performance optimization.

How it works

We provide servers for PMM® as a service.

Sign Up and get your monitoring server

Choose a domain name and get ready-to-use personal monitoring server.

Connect your database

Use simple instructions to connect MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL and other databases.

Get useful insights

Use powerful dashboards and alerts to improve your database performance and reliability.

What do we offer

We host, support, and update your monitoring server so you don’t have to.

Quick Setup

We will create a ready-to-use PMM server for you. You only need to connect your instances.

High availability

Our monitoring and alerts ensure the high availability of your PMM server.


We perform the whole server backups daily so you won’t lose historical telemetry data.

Security Updates

We keep our servers updated so you’ll get all the security patches asap. And we consider backward compatibility.

No Vendor Lock-in

You can always export all settings and historical telemetry data from our service.

Tech Support

You can contact our team for support and assistance to get the most out of PMM.


One database or several high-load clusters? Doesn’t matter. HostedPMM scales up as your business grows.


Our servers are located in enterprise-grade data centers. So you’ll get fast and reliable access.

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1 month free trial included. No credit card required.

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