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How to choose a database for backend

Each database management system has its pros and cons, they must be taken into account when choosing a particular database for your application. You need

How to set up alerts using PMM

Percona Monitoring and Management allows you to set different alerts related to your infrastructure.  Before we start setting up alerting, lets make sure this option

3 ways to set up a PMM Server

Linode VPS Read full article. This method involves self-configuring everything you need on a virtual machine in the Linode cloud, with all the complexities and

Top 4 PMM dashboards to start with PMM

Once I first logged in to PMM web interface (which is, by the way, standard Grafana with a predefined dashboards set), I was a bit

MySQL & PHP on backend best practices

When building a backend in PHP using MySQL (and not only), it is important to follow some simple tips in order for the application to

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