3 ways to set up a PMM Server

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Linode VPS

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This method involves self-configuring everything you need on a virtual machine in the Linode cloud, with all the complexities and peculiarities that come with it.

– You can manage the entire technology stack; – Customization of the VPS; – Automated backups and restoring from backups is on the Linode side;– You will manage the entire technology stack; – Updates of PMM and OS packages must be done manually; – Security issues on your side; – PMM server status monitoring too;

AWS Marketplace

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Installing through the Marketplace is a much easier way than manually installing on a virtual machine, there is no need to maintain a solution and think about backups, AWS takes care of most of the tasks. It is only difficult to set up a VPC for the first time.

– Easy to install in a few clicks; – Full support includes updates and backups is on the AWS side; – Customization of the VPS; – Flexible configuration of security rules using AWS VPC; – PMM server status monitoring;– High price; – Need to prepare VPC and Security Groups for providing access to PMM server from internet; – AWS VPC rules need to be supported on your side;


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A fully automatic solution for deploying a PMM server, the HPMM team takes care of all the tasks of maintaining virtual machines and software. You only need to register and connect PMM agents.

– Low price; – Easy to install in a few clicks and use; – Full support includes updates and backups is on the HPMM side; – PMM server status monitoring; – Security issues on the HPMM side;– There are only two options for available virtual machines, although this may be a plus for someone;

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